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Dynan Q. Beamon 

Dynan Beamon was born Tuesday, April 18, 1989, at 9:19 a.m. in South Chicago Hospital, Chicago, IL. My boy’s heartbeat was the first of my fraternal twins. I was elated and in love. I was mesmerized by his eyes and his skin was soft as cotton; his hair was smooth as silk. My family doted over him because he had a quick, beautiful smile as if from a heavenly angel. He was always happy go lucky. He was one of the neighborhood’s dynamic duos. He was always with his aunts and even went to school and to the movies with them.

As he grew older, he was my brother’s “Chick magnet” because the ladies loved my baby. As he grew older, he loved toy cars and his twin sister. During early childhood he went to Lynch Drive Elementary in North Little Rock, Arkansas (AR). Dae Dae was loved by his classmates and was the class clown. My mother and sister Bridget would often have to sit in class with him because he would play and tell jokes throughout the school day. Later at Ridgeroad Junior High School he discovered that the ladies loved him and his charming personality. He was known as the life of the party.

Dae Dae loved and acknowledged God at an early age and exhibited love and humility throughout his life. My king loved to dance, and we danced all the time. He was my favorite dance partner. His love of music included all genres. My son was so talented and was recognized in Junior High school as an up-and-coming artist. Dae Dae would put beautiful images on paper and canvas. I was in awe of the artist he was. He was an entrepreneur at an early age. He secured a job at the early age of 15.

Dae Dae attended North Little Rock (NLR) High school, where he continued to clown around. He became the most popular guy in school. During that time, he began to grow in stature. His bones would hurt so bad my baby would cry. He grew to be approximately six feet, four inches tall. I often referred to him as my “gentle gaint”. My baby was humble, God-fearing, and nonjudgmental.

After graduating high school, he attended Pulaski Technical College in NLR, where he attended classes in Psychology. Later he worked and volunteered at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in NLR as a cook and was dedicated to the Homeless Veterans Program at the VA. He also worked at an adult disability center. He loved nurturing and caring for the elderly and disabled.

In 2018, Dae Dae moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he discovered his passion as a Peer Support Specialist. He would often tell me that he had finally found his purpose and it made him so happy. I could see his eyes light up because helping others overcome addictions brought him unimaginable joy. He made himself available 24/7 to calls and texts from all previous and current clients because he knew exactly what to say at the right time. He saved so many lives. My son discovered life and became a man in Florida. He also rescued the love of his life, his beloved dog daughter, Brooklyn Ann.

Dae Dae was preceded in death by his paternal grandmother, Velma Maclin and his father Clarence (Bear) Maclin.

Phelicia Sunderland (Truman) was proud to be Dae Dae’s mother. The joy of being his mother was ordained by God. My two daughters; Nana Monique (his twin) and Shaialdy Synthia (JayR Piggee) of NLR, AR were his loves, and he always had the instinct to support and protect them. His nephews whom he loved dearly; Jordan and Jonah of NLR, AR; His maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother, Johnny and Mary Mason who were an integral part of his life; Dae Dae loved them unconditionally. Dae Dae’s maternal great-grandmother, Leora Greer of Sallis, MS; his aunts; Synthia Gatlin, of Milwaukee WI; Elizabeth Greer of Sallis, MS; Pharie Greer of Jacksonville, AR, Tonya Greer of Little Rock (LR), AR, and Bridget Mason -Johnson (Derick) of LR, AR and Two uncles; Johnny Greer (Daphane) of Jacksonville AR; and James Maclin (Nikki), Chicago, IL, and a host of cousins (Lil Nuggets); Alexis, Cierra, Brittany, Ja’kale, Kerry (KJ), Khloe, Kyndra, Jada, Jalea, Jamari, Erika, Akire, Selena, Bianca, and Dennis Jr (DJ); and his biological father; Henry Beamon; Dae Dae leaves to honor his memory a host of family members and friends.

Funeral services will be held Saturday May 21, 2022 at 2:30pm in the Hardy Funeral Home Memorial Chapel. The family will receive friends Friday may 20, 2022 from  5:00pm to 7:00pm also in the hardy Funeral Home Memorial Chapel.